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Akkordeons Ziehharmonikas in Freiburg Italy
Verkauf neu (3 Jahre Garantie) und gebraucht (18 Monate Gewährleistung)
Sammlerstücke und histor. Instrumente OHNE Gewährleistung ! Preisänderungen vorbehalten!

accordion accordions sale  - warranty: new 3 years, used & restored 18 months - prices may change!
vente d´accordéon accordéons - garantie neuf 3 ans, occasion  révisé 18 mois - prix peuventetre changes!
vendita  fisarmonica fisarmoniche - garanzia nuova 3 anni, usato 18 mese
dragspel knappdragspel pianodragspel harmonikka sälje
аккордеон, Баян и другие гармоники, Бандонеон, Вибрандонеон

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Preisänderungen und Lieferbarkeit vorbehalten !


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   DREUX Marcel  (new)
   accordina DREUX Pedro
type: chromatic melodica button-type, 44 notes to blow (fusion B-System add 120 Euro)
annotations: Th fotos show model PEDRO with Italian system
All models as shown in lower foto are available by order. Delivery delay ca. 1 month.
The alder wood case could - on option - be changed with any appropriate timber wood. To play also left handed: the bottom plate with the mouth piece can be reversed, thus receiving C-Griff reversed: Deep Do will be at the bottom in 1rst row, a button accordion system ideal esp. for pianists, as the octave mouvment remains as on the piano (a property normally existing only on the Russian B-Griff melodic base.)
listing price: with case and optimized attack and fine tuning of all reed Euro
price: 1490,-  Euro
built: new with solid case, 5 years warranty by producer
voices: inox single Italian reed plates
colour case: alder wood or inox, ornamented or plain
dimensions bellows (cm): 30 x 8,5 cm
weight (kg): 1,25 kg, the part: wooden case detachable 140g
frequency / vibration of la=440/sec: to specify when placing order
treble part
buttons / notes / rows: 44
notes / deepest-highest: f3-c7
voices: 1





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