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Akkordeons Ziehharmonikas in Freiburg Italy
Verkauf neu (3 Jahre Garantie) und gebraucht (18 Monate Gewährleistung)
Sammlerstücke und histor. Instrumente OHNE Gewährleistung ! Preisänderungen vorbehalten!

accordion accordions sale  - warranty: new 3 years, used & restored 18 months - prices may change!
vente d´accordéon accordéons - garantie neuf 3 ans, occasion  révisé 18 mois - prix peuventetre changes!
vendita  fisarmonica fisarmoniche - garanzia nuova 3 anni, usato 18 mese
dragspel knappdragspel pianodragspel harmonikka sälje
аккордеон, Баян и другие гармоники, Бандонеон, Вибрандонеон

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   HOHNER   (used)
   HOHNER Morino Artiste IV Musette C-Griff
type: marvellous historical restored button accordion: C-system graded from the golden era of HOHNER. The instrument represents the ideal French Musette sound , which demands that triple clarinet without cassotto participation! A nice bassoon is placed behind the keyboard (French: in peigne) which makes a cassotto effect for the 16´only. 3 sliding couplers with 2 positions each = 8 tone colours selectables. Light weighted, even if materials are not thin!
annotations: special feature: both vibrations + and - can be registered separately by a now added central coupler (brass colored) in the back, so that you can choice 0+, 0-, +-, 0+- = 4 different vibrations, as + and - are tuned differently strong, which is never possible in the original state of that time´s accordions. Those accordions were made under the control of Mr. Morino himself. With the original wooden case.
price: 1990  Euro
built: 1950s
weight (kg): 10,5
frequency / vibration of la=440/sec: 440 / +16 cent / -8 cent
treble part
buttons / notes / rows: 87/53/5
notes / deepest-highest: 53 / Groß A - Cis 4
couplers / sounds: 8 Klangfarben bzw. 3 Schieberegister: jeweils 1 Schieberegister für 16 8- 8+. Es klingt immer: 8
voices: l m m m
tone chamber: 16´ Declassement hinter dem Griffbrett: Cassotto-Effekt

standart bass, left

basses: 123
deepest bass: Contra E/Mi
couplers: 2
voices: 5, davon Grundbassreihe im Großraum-Wendestimmstock





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